Adjusting to Healthy Distancing and Protecting Together

As we start slowly coming out of our cocoons at home, there are precautions we must take to slow down or prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our #AHDAPT social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook provides information about heathy distancing and safety measures we can all adapt to keep our communities safe.


Adjusting to Healthy Distancing and Protecting Together (AHDAPT)

We hope you are continuing to remain safe and vigilant during these times. Over the enxt couple of weeks, we'll ve sharing information to support you as you practice healthy disstancing (aka Social Distancing).

Please follow out #AHDAPT campaign, where we are all "Adjusting to Healthy Distancing and Protecting Together (AHDAPT)". Did you know, a butterfly will wait for prime conditions before leaving its cocoon? Let's continue to lookout for one another's wellness and saty safe within out coocoons until the time is right. 

Artwork by Kyle Tsosie, CNAH Program Assistant.

Animal examples of 6 feet of social distanct, (2 sheep, buffalo, eagle wing span)

Practicing Social Distancing

Social distancing or healthy distancing = increasing physical space between people to protext our friends, family, relatives, our culture. So how much space? Here are some visuals for what 6 feet looks like.

Continue to slow the spread and protect one another.

Re-shared Content: John Hopkins Center for American Indian Health.

Examples of necessary excursions (doctor, groceries, work, exercise, check on family)

Do I need to go out?

Keep up the good work of "Adjusting to Healthy Distancing and Protecting Together" (#AHDAPT). Please stay home if you’re feeling sick to prevent potential spreading of COVID-19. If you have to check on family, call, or send one person.

If you must leave your cocoon, remember to:

  • Wear protective face masks
  • Go by yourself
  • Practice healthy distancing by staying 6 feet apart from others
  • Use hand sanitizer when needed
  • Wash your hands when you return home
  • Use online ordering where available

Thank you for continuing to keep our communitites healthy and safe!

Sister and brother wearing matching masks.

Amaris Benavidez

This week we are focusing on hearing from our students as to why healthy distancing is important to them. Thank you to all who are "Adjusting to Healthy Distancing and Protecting Together" (#AHDAPT). Our first feature of the week is Amaris Benavidez!

“I social distance because I want to keep my little brother safe and healthy. I don’t want to accidentally bring home anything that will harm him or my family. He currently wants to go into medicine, so I try to teach him why it is important to social distance, wash hands, and wear masks. We like to watch shows together about the immune system, so he understands when I tell him about the job of the macrophage, neutrophil, or killer T-cell. Social distancing has been tough, but I do it for my brother.”

-Amaris Benavidez, Navajo Nation, Albuquerque, NM, 2nd Year School of Medicine, UNM


Donovan Chase The Bear

Our second feature of the week is Donovan Chase The Bear, from Gallup, NM. We asked Donovan, "Why is healthy distancing important to you?" and here's what he shared:

"It's important for me to follow healthy distancing today so I can watch the sunsets with my family tomorrow."

-Donovan Chase The Bear (Diné, Hopi, Sioux Lakota); 2nd Year School of Medicine, UNM.

Thank you, Amaris and Donovan, for sharing your responses! We'd love to hear from our friends, feel free to comment below on why healthy distancing is important to you.

Craft examples

Craft Challenge

We’re spending more time at home and want to make the most of it and exchange ideas for craft projects! Participate in our #AHDAPT Craft Challenge and share your unique craft or art piece to be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

To enter:

  • Follow @unm.cnah on Instagram and/or Facebook
  • Post a photo of your craft project on your page and tag @unm.cnah and use the hashtag #AHDAPT … or
  • If you have a private account, email a picture of your craft project and your handle to
  • Include some details on how you made your craft
  • Submit your entry by 12:00 pm MST June 22, 2020

We will repost your beautiful creations throughout the week! Challenge is open to U.S. residents only. One entry per account. One winner will be chosen randomly and notified privately.

Disclaimer: This raffle is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with IG or FB.

Interior design craft entry

Craft Challenge Entry - Sandia Wood

We are excited to share our first entry, Sandia Wood! Sandia is an Occupational Therapy student at UNM and is from the Arapaho tribe. She shared, “I have definitely been doing more art since the lockdown and after the spring semester finished”. Her entry features designs of her current room and her dream room. She used paper, colored pencils, colored pens, and chopped magazine photos.

We look forward to seeing more entries throughout the week. Happy crafting, and remember to practice healthy distancing.

Homemade mask and stay home sign craft entry

Craft Challenge Entry - Jay Doshi

Happy Juneteenth!

We are thrilled to share another craft entry from Jay Doshi, a participant in UNM's Undergraduate Pipeline Network program. Jay made a back-up cloth mask and a repurposed wood sign that states “Stay Home.” Here is what he has to say about his creations: “I was excited to participate so I made two things.” First, Jay made a mask with a bandana, rubber bands, a few folds, and minor sewing.

Secondly, he repurposed a sign he had in his garage. Originally the sign read “Welcome Home,” but he used a hand saw and his fingers to pry off the board that read “Welcome”. Next, with the “Welcome” piece, Jay turned it around to reveal the plywood and wrote, “Stay”. He stapled the wood pieces together using a staple gun. Finally, he went into his garage and found small screws and a brace. He attached these to hang his sign.

This sign hangs on his bulletin board in his room so that he can see it every day. Thank you, Jay, for sharing and we agree with you, that the contrasting wood and white give it a nice rustic feel.

We look forward to receiving more entries and sharing your beautiful creations! You have until 12pm Monday, June 22nd to enter!

Announcing, more prizes, more chances to win!! Submit by Monday June 22nd, 2020.

Craft Challenge Update


Thanks to a generous donation, made by one of our partners, we can now award THREE winners for our #AHDAPT Craft Challenge!

Here's how you can enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card:

  • Follow @unm.cnah on Instagram and/or Facebook
  • Post a photo of your craft project on your page and tag @unm.cnah and use the hashtag #AHDAPT … or
  • If you have a private account, email a picture of your craft project and your handle to
  • Include some details on how you made your craft
  • Submit your entry by 12:00 pm MST June 22, 2020

We will repost your beautiful creations! Challenge is open to U.S. residents only. One entry per account. Three winners will be chosen randomly and notified privately.

Check-out our previous posts if you need some inspiration! Disclaimer: This raffle is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with IG or FB.

Beaded shoes and bracelet

Craft Challenge Entry - Veronica Johnson

Yay, we have another entry to our #AHDAPT Craft Challenge! Veronica Johnson created this gorgeous beaded jewelry set. This set "includes a beaded rope necklace and one pair of beaded resin and oyster shell inlays. The necklace has silver-plated finishings and is beaded with size 11 opaque & matte seed beads. Earrings are beaded with the same bead type and are edged with rhinestones and backed with white leather." These are great entries! Keep them coming! You have until tomorrow at noon to enter. Happy crafting!

Decorated shoes

Craft Challenge Entry - Amaris Benavidez

Here is another fabulous entry! Amaris Benavidez painted these shoes and shared:

"I have always been fascinated with shoes since I was younger. I wear shoes that express my personality and how I am feeling at the moment. About six years ago is when I first started using acrylic paint to decorate my shoes. Over the years I have painted Beauty and the Beast, Lilo and Stitch, Bluebird flour, Dr. Who, etc. I wanted to paint these two shoes with fun bright colors with a slight Native American pattern."

You all are super talented and your entries are inspiring! Thank you for sharing, Amaris!


Craft Challenge Entry - Jessica Benally

#AHDAPTCraftChallenge: When Jessica Benally isn’t studying for her Step One exam, she’s making friendship bracelets with her daughter. They made these from embroidery floss and they followed design patterns from online.
Thank you for sharing, Jessica!
There’s still time to enter your craft! Good luck!

Craft Challenge Closure

Our #AHDAPT Craft Challenge closed yesterday. Congratulations to the three winners that were selected randomly. They have been notified directly via email.

Special thank you to all those who entered! We admire your creativity and enjoyed hearing how you are making the most of healthy distancing.

We hope everyone got some craft ideas to try! Be safe out there and remember to #AHDAPT!

Covid-19 Statistics June 2020

Pandemic Data - June 26, 2020

Greetings everyone!

As stores, restaurants, and your favorite places start to open up, we kindly remind you to practice healthy distancing as the pandemic is not over.

If you decide to go out, please remember to continue to wear your mask in public and on your outings.

The data pictured compares this past Wednesday's COVID cases to today's cases. The bar chart shows today's COVID cases by race/ethnicity.

This data comes from the New Mexico Department of Health’s COVID-19 Public Dashboard. Visit their dashboard,, for more information.

Individuals exercising

#AHDAPT - Exercise

Here are some solo exercises you can do during this time of healthy distancing. Stretching is the best way to start. After stretching, you can train your body with self-exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, planking, crunches, etc. Then, you can more actively move around by bicycling, jogging, running, rock climbing, hiking trails, etc. To calm the mind and work on your breathing, try yoga or martial arts. Remember to mind your distance and wear your mask in public for the people we care for in our lives.

Building labelled Albuquerque

Know Your Home

How much of your home have you seen? The next time you want some fresh air, consider doing some local sightseeing. By staying local you’ll help slow the spread of COVID-19. Recreate safely and responsibly in your local outdoor spaces. Enjoy the view, the vitamin D (aka sunshine vitamin), and your exercise.

Sprouts in dirt

#AHDAPT - Gardening

Another fun outdoor project you can do this summer is gardening. Home gardens are a nice small way to help your community. Gardening doesn’t mean you need a yard, you can use containers! Relearn the basics, or challenge yourself to grow a green thumb that you can be proud of. Below are links to help you get started. Whichever way you choose to set up; remember to do it with safe distancing, and keep your masks on when going out in public for material.

General Garden knowledge

Indoor Garden knowledge

American flag with sparklers

#AHDAPT - Independence Day

Hello everyone,

With Independence Day only a few days away, we would like to remind you to celebrate safely during these dire times. You can celebrate with legal fireworks at home but be safe when purchasing them in public. If you intend on seeing fireworks, be sure to take precautions such as remaining in your vehicle at all times or watch them from your home if possible. Have a barbecue dinner with your quaran-TEAM in your household. Of course, we all should still wear our masks, avoid gatherings, and take care during this holiday weekend.

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