All Nations Wellness & Healing Center

The All Nations Wellness & Healing Center is an initiative of the First Nations Community Healthsource to provide services and resources that address the social determinants of health. CNAH provides technical support to the ANWHC and their Community Advisory Panel to establish priority service areas and organize events.

Storyteller, man playing instrument and children listening.


Children working at table.

Children participating in activity.

Group in kitchen.

Preparing food.

Two men sitting behind table.

Molina Healthcare table.

Two women behind table.

BlueCross BlueShield table.

Group at table with Mobile Farmer's Market van in background.

Mobile Farmer's Market.

Boy talking into microphone while man plays instrument.

Boy telling story.

Adults and kids in room with River of Life posters on wall.

Activity room.

Boy using marker.

Boy making river of life poster.

Two girls coloring with markers.

Two people making river of life posters.

Norman Cooeyate working with kids.

Norman Cooeyate.

Man holding up the book Rabbit goes to Kansas.

Reading Rabbit Goes to Kansas.

Small children working at table.

River of Life.

Teens helping plant a plant.


Woman holding up poster at table.

Rock Mountain Youth Corps table.

Woman standing behind table.

New Mexico WIC table.

Two women behind table.

First Nations table.

Two workers standing behind table.

Presbyterian Centennial Care.

Adults helping children decorate river of life posters.

River of Life.

Child standing next to poster (shows street from home to school to walmart)

Girl with River of Life poster.

3 kids with their posters.

River of Life.

Jennifer sitting behind table.

Presbyterian Centennial Care table.

Holding up their certificates.

Donald Hume and Elaine Nolan with their certificates of appreceiation.

Daniel and Nathania standing behind the school supplies distribution table.

Daniel and Nathania.

Tee and Kyle standing outside.

Tee and Kyle.

Child playing life-sized verion of the game "Operation".


Norman Cooeyate, Tassy Parker and Kyle Tsosie.

Norman Cooeyate, Tassy Parker and Kyle Tsosie.

Room with free kids clothing, volunteers and children.

Free kids clothing.

Dottie, Edwina and Kyle.

Dottie, Edwina and Kyle.

Melvin Coonsis and Donald Hume.

Melvin Coonsis and Donald Hume.

Mom with three girls. Each girl is holding a stuffed pluto.


Micah running "Operation" while children play.

Kids playing operation.

Child concentrating getting item out of Operation game.


Kyle and Micah standing on either side of "Operation"

The kid's table.

Woman standing behind table.

All Nations Health Fair table.

Boy coloring in kid's table sign.

Kid's Table.

4 people standing behind table.

NAPPR table.

4 people behind table.

Moline Healthcare table.

Two people sitting behind table.

United Healthcare table.

Woman looking at clothes, with girl and baby.


Woman looking at clothes.


Melvin, Veronica and other volunteers standing by table.


Volunteer behind table.


3 women standing behind table.

BlueCross BlueShield of New Mexico table.

Nurse writing on clipboard with children.


Volunteers and attenders at table.

Outdoor table.

Woman sitting behind table.
CDD, Information Network and HSC table.
Volunteers and attenders at table.
Volunteer sitting behind table.

LGBTQ Resource Center table.

Volunteers and child by All Nations table.


Child playing operation.


Volunteer behind table inside.


Volunteer working on checklist by table of clothing.


Group standing in Center.

All Nations Wellness and Healing Center (ANWHC) grand opening - Roland, Norman, and Melvin.

Building exterior.

All Nations Wellness and Healing Center (ANWHC) building.

Melvin, Tassy, and Nathania.

Melvin, Tassy, and Nathania at the grand opening of the All Nations Wellness and Healing Center (ANWHC).

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