Autophagy Core

Headshot Larry SklarPrincipal Investigator

Larry Sklar, PhD
The Maralyn S. Budke and Robert E. Anderson Distinguished Endowed Chair in Cancer Drug Discovery, Department of Pathology Director, UNM Center for Molecular Discovery

Research Interests

  1. Animal resource: Breeding pairs of autophagy and autophagy-related gene transgenic mice for research in pilot, mPI and main personnel laboratories (IACUC approval needed).
  2. Cellomics high-content microscopy: Quantitative microscopy for autophagy and lipid droplets as well as other intracellular profiles/organelles (e.g. lysosomes, peroxisomes, potentially mitochondira, nuclear translocation etc). Data generated are based on unbiased data collection and represent various numerical parameters (number/cell; area/cell, % overlap, etc.) + statistics on large number of cells.
  3. Amnis: as above (autophagy measures) for non-adherent cells.