Division of Infectious Diseases

As new global health risks emerge, pathogens develop resistance to current therapies, and new pandemics are surfacing. The University of New Mexico’s Division of Infectious Diseases is actively engaged in researching known and novel infectious diseases and developing innovative, effective treatments and public health intervention strategies.

We are a national leader in treating emerging threats with groundbreaking technology. Several of our Division members are in leadership roles at the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes program (Project ECHO) and are involved in the spread of the ECHO model for healthcare workforce capacity building globally for HIV, viral hepatitis and TB.

UNM ID faculty collaborate with the UNM Medical Group physicians to staff Truman Health Services, the largest HIV clinic in New Mexico. From local and national clinical care to collaborative research efforts around the globe, the faculty and trainees of the division provide compassionate, evidence-based health approaches.

Infectious Disease and Immunity

Medical Education Opportunities

Our division offers immersive, active training for fellows, residents and medical students as well as evolving initiatives in curriculum development and educational design. Graduates translate their knowledge of global health, research, education and public health intervention into fulfilling and impactful careers around the world.

Students work collaboratively with nationally-recognized faculty to perform clinical, translational and basic research programs ranging from investigating the pathogenesis of non-tuberculous mycobacteria to clinical outcomes in patients with Hepatitis C infection.

Where You’ll Work

At UNM, Infectious Diseases team members serve on campus and at UNM hospital. They are proud to serve the greater population of rural New Mexico, and the Four Corners Region, including: Colorado, Utah, Arizona and areas of Texas.

We provide consultative care to clinically complex patients and treat diverse pathologies. The University of New Mexico is the research and treatment epicenter of several unique disease pathologies including hantavirus and plague.

Clinical Locations

Infectious Disease and Immunity