Infectious Diseases Program Tracks

The UNM Infectious Diseases Fellowship follows the clinical educator track. Fellows complete a two-year clinical fellowship, of which at least 18 months is devoted to clinical training.

Clinical training includes approximately 15 months of inpatient consultation on the adult infectious diseases service. Time is divided equally between UNM Hospital and the New Mexico Veterans Affairs Healthcare System (NMVHCS), with one month each on clinical microbiology and hospital epidemiology rotations.

Outpatient Clinical Opportunities

Each clinical fellow is assigned a two-year HIV continuity clinic. Fellows complete an ambulatory care month with rotations through:

  • NM DOH Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic
  • NM DOH Tuberculosis Clinic
  • UNMH and NMVHCS Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy Clinics
  • NMVHCS Travel Clinic
  • NMVHCS Podiatry Wound Clinic
  • UNMH Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic
  • UNMH Renal Transplant Clinic
  • UNMH and NMVHCS General Infectious Diseases Consultation Clinics

Elective outpatient clinical opportunities include UNM Pediatric ID clinic and New Mexico TeleECHO Clinics (Hepatitis C, HIV and TB).

Inpatient Clinical Opportunities

Elective inpatient clinical opportunities include UNM Hospital Pediatric ID consult rotations, UNM Hospital and NMVHCS Antimicrobial Stewardship rotation, and the opportunity to spend one month with the transplant ID service at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Scholarly Activity

During the remaining months, clinical track fellows pursue scholarly activity. For example, fellows may investigate nosocomial infections, chart reviews or case reports with a review of the literature and participate in clinical research studies.