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Kidney Institute of New Mexico

The Kidney Institute of New Mexico, chaired by Mark Unruh, MD, focuses on comparative effectiveness research related to nephrology and kidney disease. Compared to residents of other states, New Mexicans suffer disproportionately from a high burden of kidney disease.  

The Department of Internal Medicine in the UNM School of Medicine received a $6 million gift from Dialysis Clinic, Inc. (DCI) to create the Kidney Institute of New Mexico in Albuquerque. The gift was one of the largest private donations ever made to the UNM Health Sciences Center, of which the School of Medicine is a part. By supporting the development of a research center, DCI and UNM hope to improve the care of individuals with kidney disease in the future. 


The mission of the Kidney Institute of New Mexico is to provide advances and discoveries that directly promote the health of New Mexicans who are burdened with kidney disease. The vision is to apply research-derived knowledge (basic, translational, and clinical science) to improve the well-being of patients with renal disease within the state. 

A Collaboratie Effort


In March 2018, Brent Wagner, MD became the inaugural director of the Kidney Institute of New Mexico.

Since Dr. Wagner's appointment, he has recruited a strong research team, including Program Manager Ms. Julie Harris and Research Scientist, G. Patricia Escobar, DVM.

Dr. Wagner’s research focuses on the impact of heavy metals (in particular, gadolinium, a rare earth element commonly used in diagnostic procedures) in promoting disease. 

Dr. Wagner is a graduate of The University of New Mexico, UNM Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program and UNM School of Medicine.

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