Neonatal/Newborn Training

During your residency in pediatrics, you’ll care for some of the 4,000 babies delivered at The University of New Mexico Hospital each year.

Learn well-baby management, including circumcision and developmental evaluation. Attending staff includes both pediatric and family medicine faculty. Rounds take place daily and involve curriculum on breastfeeding.

Care for infants who may be premature or have conditions such as jaundice, hypoglycemia or neonatal sepsis. Work with dedicated nurses, social workers, discharge planners and attending physicians to:

  • Fill medical needs
  • Help infants and families bond
  • Learn care skills
  • Prepare families to transition home

In this 52-bed unit, you’ll treat infants from throughout the region. Work with attending staff, neonatal nurse practitioners and nurses to:

  • Attend deliveries
  • Care for premature newborns and critically ill babies with a variety of medical issues
  • Resuscitate infants

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