Planning Conference or Course

ACCME Definition of a Course

Live activity where the learner participates in person. A course is planned as an individual event, such as an annual meeting, conference or seminar.

Are you planning a conference/course and seeking guidance? You are at the right place. CPL appreciates your commitment to improving medical practice and medical education through the planning, design and execution of your series of learning events. The forms and resources on this web page are provided to guide you through the planning process so that your conference/course leads to closing your identified gaps, meeting your learners’ needs, and achieving the expectations for an accredited CME activity.

The Education Planning Form (EPF) should be completed by the faculty member(s) responsible for defining the gap, needs, objectives, competencies addressed, activity formats, learner assessment, and program evaluation for the RSS. The actual form is completed in Smartsheet after the Application Form has been submitted to UNM CPL. However, UNM CPL encourages you to first complete the fillable-PDF worksheet file that is available for download below. Tips and Examples are provided for guidance.

EPF Worksheet (fillable PDF)

EPF Outline (PDF)

Planning Your CME Activity for Learning Impact (video 3:41)

How do we request a transcript?

Transcripts are sent upon request.  Attendees email us at with the subject line of “Transcript”. Information needed:

  • First Name, Last Name and Degree
  • What Email Address do you typically use?
  • What years are you requesting?  

A physician just received a certificate from another office for an event they attended; do I send those to you to keep track of?

No.  We only maintain records for the activities that are approved by CPL. The certificates he/she receives from other events will need to be maintained by the individual.

Who must complete a COI Disclosure?

  • Education Planning Faculty/Course Directors
  • ALL faculty (including adjunct faculty and emeritus faculty who are participating in a sponsored event)
  • Postdoctoral scholars
  • Professionals paid from ANY source
  • Fellows and Residents
  • Graduate assistants (GAs) paid from sponsored research funds
  • Research personnel engaged in the design, conduct, or reporting of a sponsored research project (e.g. part-time and temporary employees)
  • Any moderator/facilitator who interacts with the audience

What information do I need to disclose on my COI Disclosure?

  • Any relationship you have with a third party that does business (such as sponsoring research or providing goods and services) with the University.
  • Any relationship with a third party in which you hold a Significant Financial Interest.
  • Any External Professional Activity for Pay (EPAP) in which you receive remuneration of any kind (Salary, etc.).
  • Any intellectual property (Patents, trademarks, licensing agreements, etc.) contractually obligated to you or the University in which you are the author or owner.
  • Any textbooks or other course materials for sale that you have authored or co-authored which you are also REQUIRING of students enrolled in coursework under your direction.

What if I want to seek Commercial Support for my conference/course?

Designated financial commercial support for conferences/courses is allowed if the following conditions have been met:

  • Activity planning is independent of commercial control
  • Review by CPL Staff finds the activity to be free of commercial bias
  • Industry support is sought in collaboration with and under the auspices of the CPL

Can commercial employees plan or instruct in CME activities?

No.  Commercial employees may not participate in the planning of CME activities.