Yearly Mileposts

Use these mileposts as a yearly guide to help you stay on target.

First 2 Years:
The program begins with Phase I of the UNM School of Medicine curriculum.

Next 3-4 Years:
The student takes graduate courses and completes their PhD dissertation research.

Last 2 Years:
The program ends with Phase II and III of the UNM School of  Medicine curriculum and fulfillment of a teaching requirement.

Mileposts for the MD/PhD Program

A total of 48 credits hours plus 18 dissertation hours and good standing throughout the SOM curriculum is required for the MD/PhD degree. The only change from the MD curriculum takes place during the summer of the first academic year. In place of the Practical Immersion Experience (PIE) the MD/PhD students take laboratory research rotations. In addition to the MD degree curriculum the MD/PhD students are required to take the following courses in the BSGP:

Course Title Credits
BIOM 501 Fundamentals for Graduate Research 1
BIOM 505 ST: Biostatistics Method I 2
BIOM 507 Advanced Molecular Biology 4
BIOM 508 Advanced Cellular Biology 4
BIOM 525 Cell and Molecular Basis of Disease Journal Club (2 semesters, year 1) 4
BIOM 530 Cell and Molecular Basis of Disease Seminar (1 semester) 1
BIOM 555 Problem Based Research Bioethics 1
Lab Rotations Complete at least 2 lab rotations 0

MD/PhD students must also take 3 credit hours from the courses listed below.

Course Title Credits
BIOM 505 ST: Biostatistics Method II 3
BIOM 509 Principles of Neurobiology 3
BIOM 510 Physiology 3
BIOM 514 Immunobiology 3
BIOM 515 Cancer Biology 3
PHRM 576 Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology 3

MD/PhD Learning Plan (sample)

Important information for your required (Year 3) F30 Application

Follow the link to the PA for the grant:  From the linked PA:.

For all applicants other than DDS/PhD, DMD/PhD, and AuD/PhD degree candidates: To be eligible, an applicant 1) must have matriculated into a dual-degree program no more than 48 months prior to the due date of the initial (-01) application; and 2) must have identified a dissertation research project and sponsor(s).  Exceptions to the first eligibility criterion will be considered when the applicant has taken an official leave of absence from the dual-degree program.  In addition, over the total duration of F30 support, at least 50% of the award period must be devoted to full-time graduate research training leading to the doctoral research degree.

A brief summary:

  • Submission is required within 48 months of STARTING MEDICAL SCHOOL for initial (A0) application, not when you start the graduate portion of the MD/PhD program.
  • If the application is not funded, you have 37 months to resubmit (A1) and you may only resubmit once.
  • Preliminary data is encouraged but not required. Therefore, it may be beneficial to submit an A0 to get the “foot in the door,” then use the comments from the A0 to get a successful A1.
  • 50% of the funded period must be dedicated to research. You need at least 2 years of research to be funded after the award goes into effect, not from submission, in order to get 2 years of MD funded.  Thus a 4-year PhD is essentially a minimum.
  • Applicants are encouraged to:
    • Review the grants cycle beforehand to know the last available submission date for A0,
    • Decide on an institute upon which to apply,
    • Reach out to the program coordinator for that institute to ask any questions.
  • Planning, planning, planning, starting in the first few months of dedicated research time.