Serving our community is just one of the many ways we benefit New Mexico

Community Outreach

University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy faculty and students are passionate about improving the health of New Mexicans. We’ve helped thousands of people all across New Mexico annually since 2012.

The main College of Pharmacy community programs include:

Community Outreach Day

Our pharmacy students take part in a massive service effort every October to deliver health services and information to underserved populations throughout New Mexico. Community Outreach Day also aims to encourage student community service and raise public awareness about pharmacists’ role in health care.
In 2019, 4,675 people at 26 sites in 12 cities in New Mexico benefitted from these free services.

Annual activities may include:

  • Flu immunizations
  • Health screenings and tests

    • Blood pressure
    • Blood glucose and cholesterol
    • Body mass index
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Interprofessional Fall Risk assessments with Occupational Therapy students
  • Health education

    • Use, misuse and abuse of prescription medications (Generation Rx)
    • Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet
    • Increasing physical activity
    • Avoiding hazardous chemicals and poisons

  • Guard Ur Self: HPV awareness

  • Diabetes Family Education

  • Medical information decal – Vials of Life – distribution to assist paramedics in emergencies



Partnering with state government and health care organizations, our faculty and pharmacy students help immunize New Mexicans of all ages with the influenza vaccine. Pharmacists and pharmacy interns with supervision in New Mexico can administer vaccinations to people of all ages under a board-approved protocol for pharmacist prescribing of vaccines.

Our students have been nationally recognized for their immunization outreach efforts contributing to significant improvements in New Mexico childhood and adult immunization rates.