Alicia Bolt, PhD
Mechanisms of metal-enhanced tumorigenesis; role of the tumor microenvironment to drive tumor promotion; metal immunotoxicity

Scott W. Burchiel, PhD
Effects of environmental agents on the immune system; gene-environment interactions; human immunotoxicology

Matthew Campen, PhD
Cardiovascular health effects of inhaled substances along with basic research on vascular pathophysiology
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Dawn Delfín, PhD
Enhancing the interaction between cardiac stem cells and the heart's extracellular matrix for novel heart failure treatments

Eszter Erdei, PhD
Autoimmune molecular markers; Tribal community-based participatory research; integration of human immune responses with exposure to metals and xenobiotics

Linda A. Felton, PhD
Modified release drug delivery; polymeric film coating; formulation development and manufacturing drug products for clinical trials

Changjian “Jim” Feng, PhD
Roles of metals in life processes with an emphasis on molecular mechanisms of nitric oxide synthase isoform regulation
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Don Godwin, PhD
Scholarship of teaching and learning with emphasis on innovative methods to enhance problem solving and critical thinking

Pamela Hall, PhD
Host defense against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus  and therapeutic interventions targeting MRSA virulence
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Laurie G. Hudson, PhD
Regulation of epithelial plasticity in metastasis and wound repair; novel therapeutics for ovarian cancer; mechanisms of arsenic carcinogenesis

Johnnye Lewis, PhD
Effects of metals exposures in tribal populations, metals toxicology, and intervention design and implementation

Ke Jian “Jim” Liu, PhD
Mechanisms of arsenic carcinogenesis; brain and vascular injury in stroke; free radical and oxidative stress in disease development

Debra MacKenzie, PhD
Immunotoxicology of metals and metal exposures in populations; Experimental therapeutics for prostate cancer and melanoma

Jason McConville, PhD
Drug delivery in cancer, infection, and other diseases; pulmonary drug delivery; nanomedicine; buccal drug delivery

Pavan Muttil, PhD
Novel drug and vaccine delivery; formulation and characterization of nano- and micro-particles for pulmonary delivery
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Todd A. Thompson, PhD
Experimental therapeutics for cancer; toxicity of androgenic endocrine disruptors; drug discovery; pharmacogenomics

Graham Timmins, PhD
Stable isotope compounds for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases; role of UV-induced radicals in melanoma

Mary K. Walker, PhD
Mechanisms of cardiovascular protective effects of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids