Pavan Muttil Laboratory


Principal Investigator: Pavan Muttil, PhD
Associate Professor: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone: (505) 925-4635
Fax: (505) 925-4549

Lab Physical Address
2705 Frontier Ave Suite 208

Lab Mailing Address
Pharmaceutical Sciences
MSC09 5360
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001


Muttil Lab Staff

Research Interests

Research in the Muttil Laboratory is focused on developing novel dry powders for inhaled, oral, and transdermal vaccines and drugs against various infectious diseases and cancers. These dry powders are prepared using spray drying technology and are ultimately evaluated in different animal models for their efficacy.

Major Funding


Recent Research Projects and Publications

Mechanisms of BCG failure and Rescued Protection using Pulmonary Vaccination
Price, D. N.; Kusewitt, D. F.; Lino, C. A.; McBride, A. A.; Muttil, P. (2016). Oral Tolerance to Environmental Mycobacteria Interferes with Intradermal, but Not Pulmonary, Immunization against Tuberculosis. PLoS Pathog, 12(5), e1005614.
Muttil, P.; Price, D. N.; McBride, A. A. (2013). Pulmonary immunization for TB with live cell-based vaccines: the importance of delivery route. Therapeutic Delivery, 2(12), 1519-1522.

Formulation and Characterization of Spray-dried Virus-Like Particles vaccine
Saboo, S.; Tumban, E.; Peabody, J.; Wafula, D.; Peabody, D. S.; Chackerian, B.; Muttil, P. (2016). Optimized Formulation of a Thermostable Spray-Dried Virus-Like Particle Vaccine against Human Papillomavirus. Molecular pharmaceutics, 13(5), 1646-1655.
Tumban, E.; Muttil, P.; Escobar, C. A. A.; Peabody, J.; Wafula, D.; Peabody, D. S.; Chackerian, B. (2015). Preclinical refinements of a broadly protective VLP-based HPV vaccine targeting the minor capsid protein, L2. Vaccine, 33(29), 3346-3353.

Thermostable Formulation of Live Bacterial Vaccines
Kunda, N. K.; Wafula, D.; Tram, M.; Wu, T. H.; Muttil, P. (2016). A Stable Live Bacterial Vaccine. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 103, 109-117.
Johnson, P. E.; Muttil, P.; MacKenzie, D.; Carnes, E. C.; Pelowitz, J.; Mara, N. A.; ... Brinker, C. J. (2015). Spray-Dried Multiscale Nano-biocomposites Containing Living Cells. ACS nano, 9(7), 6961-6977.
Price, D. N.; Kunda, N. K.; Ellis, R.; Muttil, P. (2016). Design and optimization of a temperature-stable dry powder BCG vaccine (in preparation)

Orthotopic Lung Cancer Mouse Imaging Model Using SPECT/CT
McBride, A. A.; Price, D. N.; Norenberg, J. P.; MacKenzie, D. A.; Thompson, T. A.; & Muttil, P. (2014). A longitudinal, orthotopic mouse imaging model using modified hNIS-A549 human lung adenocarcinoma cells and SPECT/CT imaging. Cancer Research, 74(19 Supplement), 102-102.
Price, D. N.; McBride, A. A.; Anton, M.; Kusewitt, D. F.; Norenberg, J. P.; MacKenzie, D. A.; Thompson, T. A.; Muttil, P. (2016). Longitudinal assessment of lung cancer progression in mice using the sodium iodide symporter reporter gene and SPECT/CT imaging (Under review)

Combination Chemo- and Immunotherapy against Latent Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Muttil, P.; Price, D.N.; McBride, A.A.; Kunda, N.K. (2015) Combined Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy against Pulmonary Tuberculosis. 3rd International Tuberculosis meeting, University of Parma, Italy.
Kunda, N.K.; Price, D. N.; McBride, A.A.; Muttil, P. (2015). Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Combination Treatment against Pulmonary Tuberculosis. American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting & Exposition, Orlando, Florida

Amorphous powder formulations for oral delivery of poorly soluble drugs

Vaccine delivery using microneedles

Drug delivery using Nano-in-Microparticle magnetic targeting to the lung
McBride, A. A.; Price, D. N.; Lamoureux, L. R.; Elmaoued, A. A.; Vargas, J. M.; Adolphi, N. L.; Muttil, Pavan. (2013). Preparation and characterization of novel magnetic nano-in-microparticles for site-specific pulmonary drug delivery. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 10(10), 3574-3581.