State and federal laws require appropriate training prior to unsupervised use of ionizing radiation sources. More importantly, individuals must be knowledgeable of the risks involved and proper safety procedures to follow to insure their safety while working with radiation sources.

The Radiation Safety Office provides training to those individuals who will be using radioactive materials in their research/work environment. Individuals using radiation-producing equipment are also required to have appropriate training. To determine what training is most appropriate and required, please submit a Statement of Training & Experience to the Radiation Safety Office.

Course Name: “Introduction to Radiation Safety”

This course is designed to meet the needs of a technician who has minimal experience working with radioactive materials (RAM), and who is not familiar with regulations, policies, and procedures that relate to radiation source use. Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite to working independently under an approved UNM permit.

The Introduction to Radiation Safety course is offered to the UNM community regularly. A flyer is sent out from the Radiation Safety Office to current UNM Permit Holders prior to each new class. The UNM Radiation Control Committee determines who is required to take the course.

Course Name: “Custodial Training in Radiation Safety”

The UNM Physical Plant requires radiation safety instruction for custodians who are new to UNM and for permanent employees. The training is conducted initially and annually thereafter.

Course Name: “General Radiation Awareness Training”

This course is intended for general workers who may have a business need to work in or frequent areas where radiation sources are used and stored, but have no responsibility for them. This course is available on-line only through Learning Central.

Course Name: “Radionuclides in Research Refresher Training”

The intended audience for this course is workers who use radioactive materials such as radiotracers in the research lab environment. The course is a self-learning program with a quiz that can satisfy the requirements for annual refresher training.

Course Name: “Radiation Safety Training for Nurses who Care for Radiation Patients”

Regulations dictate that nurses may not render care to radiation patients without first completing an appropriate course of instruction, with refresher training required annually thereafter. Nurses will not be issued radiation badges or be permitted to care for a radiation patient, without official documentation of having completed this course within the past 12 month period.

Course Name: “Fluoroscopy Training Program”

This course is available on Learning Central as a self-learning program for workers whose job description requires them to operate or assist in the operation of fluoroscopy machines.

Course Name: “Nuclear Medicine Radiation Safety Training Programs”

The following training courses are available:

  1. “Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine”.
  2. “Radiation Safety Orientation for Nuclear Medicine Technology Students
  3. “US Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Training”.
  4. “Radioactive Material Spill Response Training”.