Rules for Dosimeter Badge Use

Badges do not protect you from radiation. The purpose of a dosimetry badge is to document your occupational radiation exposure and demonstrate compliance with annual dose limits and ALARA levels. The badges also provide valuable information to the Radiation Safety Office about the safety of your work environment and quality of the radiation safety program set up for your area.

  1. Wear your badge every day while working. Place in a radiation-free area after working hours. Do not remove the badge from your workplace.
  2. Place the badge in the neck or chest area, facing the radiation source.
  3. If you wear a lead apron, the badge must be OVER the lead, not underneath it. One exception to this rule is the "fetal monitor" as issued to declared pregnant worker (DPW), which is worn in the abdominal area and underneath the lead.
  4. Do not loan or borrow badges. Wear only the badge with your name on it.
  5. Do not wear the badge while receiving personal x-rays or undergoing personal nuclear medicine procedures.
  6. Do not lose or damage the badge. Report missing, lost, or damaged badges promptly to your badge coordinator or the Radiation Safety Office at 505-925-0743.
  7. Your badge will have an exchange ferquency of monthly or by calendar quarter based on risk. The Radiation Safety Office will bring new badges for the new month or quarter before the last working day of the month/quarter, and collect t he old badges after the start of the new wear period. If you plan on being away from work during that time, make sure your badge is accessible for exchange. A "badge coordinator" is designated for each department to assist with the exchange process.
  8. Return the badge ON TIME each month that it is due - by the 5th day of the start of each monitoring period. You may be subject to paying a late fee if your badge is not returned on time.
  9. If you are issued a ring dosimeter, wear it on your dominant hand, with the label section towards the palm of the hand.
  10. If you work at a second non-UNM location, and may be exposed to radiation, you must obtain a separate badge. Do not use the UNM-issued badge at the second location (unless approved by the UNM Radiation Safety Officer). You are responsible to notify the RSO's at both locations so badge data may be shared.
  11. Notify the Radiation Safety Office immediately if you will be terminating your job, lose your badge, accidentally expose your badge, or if your job duties change relative to your work with radiation.
  12. If you are pregnant or considering prenancy, please see our webpage regarding Declared Pregnant Workers.

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