ANWHC Summer Fun Festival a Success

August 6, 2016

Children coloring at a table.On August 6, 2016, the All Nations Wellness & Healing Center Community Advisory Committee (ANWHC CAC), the First Nations Community HealthSource (FNCH), and the Center for Native American Health (CNAH) held their Summer Fun Festival at the ANWHC.

The ANWHC Summer Fun Festival was the culmination of a three year collaboration between the University of New Mexico – Health Sciences Center’s CNAH, FNCH, and Molina Health Care of New Mexico Inc. to provide public awareness of health and wellness, as well as health-related resources in and around the Albuquerque International District.

The event allowed FNCH to showcase the newly renovated ANWHC facility in the Albuquerque International District.  Parents and guardians were able to receive health & wellness education information, gain an awareness of the district’s health resources, and make connections with public, state, federal and private healthcare and service providers.

Individuals were able to receive free children’s clothes, injury prevention resources, learn more about veteran services, and obtain post-secondary educational material. Students and families were also able to design their own River of life (story of self), create a Family Tree, participate in Storytelling, receive family and individual Photos, learn how to Garden, and participate in healthy food demonstrations!

Cooking demonstrations.Backpacks donated by Molina Healthcare, Inc., FNCH, CNAH, ANWHC CAC members, and anonymous individuals were filled with pens, pencils, highlighters, crayons, markers, notebooks, tooth paste, toothbrushes, and other school supplies. They were given to 92 children (approximately) who participated in the Summer Fun Festival.

Overall, 110 individuals visited and received services, assistance, or other health care information from 15 participating programs, organizations, and service providers.

We are fortunate and proud that many community organizations were able to join us in the ANWHC’s Summer Fun Festival. A big thanks goes out to the ANWHC CAC for their hard work in planning such an important event.

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