CNAH Attends Zuni High School College Conference

October 27, 2016

On October 27, 2016 CNAH staff attended the Zuni High School College Conference. Micah Clark and A. Sixtus Dominguez presented to five Zuni High School classes. Their presentation on the educational and resource opportunities available through the University of New Mexico (UNM) was well attended. CNAH made the day trip with Andrew Yazzie Student Recruitment Specialist with American Indian Student Services at UNM.

The conference kicked-off with inspiring and motivating personal words from the State of New Mexico Cabinet Secretary of Indian Affairs, Kelly Zunie, who encouraged students to take advantage of resources by standing firm with their unique cultural Indigenous identity, responsibilities, the Zuni lands and tribe. The Secretary of Indian Affairs asked All Zuni High School students to advance themselves by asking important questions to their instructors, mentors and leaders as they make their quest towards advanced education and careers.

The aim of the conference was to expose students to college and career opportunities by giving them access to college and career recruiters. One part of CNAH’s presentation gave the Zuni High School students in depth information on the University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Programs. Another part of CNAH’s presentation gave students’ knowledge of CNAH’s signature programs with regard to Student and Health Professions Workforce Development through direct student support.

The students learned about CNAH’s program, that integrates Indigenous community needs, values, and beliefs with the academic core missions of education, research, and service. We would like to thank the teachers, counselors, staff, and students who made time for us to visit Zuni Pueblo High School! Also thank you Andrew for allowing us to accompany you on this trip!

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