Center for Native American holds Dynamic Mindful Technology of Participation Facilitation Workshop

October 9, 2016

Presentation.This two-day workshop was held at Albuquerque’s Embassy Suites and introduced participants to the Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation methods and approach. The Technology of Participation workshop provided a group of CNAH faculty, staff, student employees, and UNM students, with structured facilitation methods and tools, to help small or large groups think, talk, and work together.

The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) began in 1962 and began the ToP training program in 1986. This world-renowned methodology supports strong participation in large and small groups. The workshop wove individual contributions into larger patterns, by honoring diversity of people’s opinions and backgrounds while building commitment to action.

Participants learned by numerous examples through “intense” participation and reflective and expert feedback throughout the 2-day workshop. The workshop activated the group to learn how to focus conversation for a meaningful exchange of ideas.

Presenter and wall of posters.The group also learned how to structure facilitation by using engaging processes for people to get energized towards consensus decision making. Constant hands-on practice helped workshop attendees discover immediate uses in life and work, to build a solid foundation for strong group participation, productivity and commitment using the Technology of Participation (ToP).

Congratulations and great job to all the participants who received their ToP training certificate from the Institute of Cultural Affairs!

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