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Please reach out to our unit administrator, Ruth Carpenter, for questions, concerns or more information. Email or call 505-272-4868 to learn more. 

Meet the Palliative Care Team 

Chief of Palliative Care 

Lisa Marr, MD 

Palliative Care Faculty 

A.O. Ferguson, MDiv
Benoit Blondeau, MD
Bridget Fahy, MD
Chris Camarata, MD, Emeritus
Devon Neale, MD
Erin Clarkinson, DO
Erin FitzGerald, DO
Esme Finlay, MD
Jeanne Lunz, MD
Kelly Chong, PhD
Rachel Rankin, MD
Rebecca Adler, MD
Sara Combs, MD
Stephen C. Lunderman, MD

Palliative Care Team

Amber Martinez, LCSW
Kim Harlow, DNP, CNS, CHPN
Madeline Jaramillo, ANP
Patricia Repar, DMA, Director Arts-in-Medicine Program
Ruth Carpenter, BA, Unit Administrator
Samantha Marsh, ANP
Suzanne Stern-Brant, LMSW
Taylor Bailey, ANP
Tiffany Le, RN