Applying for Residency

Residency Program applications are accepted annually from September to November for incoming residents to join us in July. Residency Program applicants must submit their information via the Electronic Application Service (ERAS®), through the Association of Americal Medical Colleges.

Electronic Residency Application Service

Required Materials

  • Dean's letter (MSPE) 
  • Internal Medicine Chair's letter (may be written by a Chair's designee) 
  • At least two additional letters of reference and recommendation 
  • Medical school transcript 
  • Personal statement 
  • USMLE or COMLEX scores (USMLE not required for Osteopathic Applicants)

Recommendations for International Medical Graduates 

  • Applicants should have graduated from medical school or residency within the last three years. 
  • Applicants should have substantive hands-on clinical experience (not observership) of at least two months in a US academic institution. 
  • Although there is no set cutoff score, applicants should score at least 220 on USMLE Step I and 230 Step II to be competitive with our usual applicant pool. 
  • International medical graduates must be US citizens, be permanent residents, or be eligible for J-1 visas. Our institution does not sponsor H-1 visas.  
  • Must apply via ERAS. No pre-match positions. 
  • ECFMG certification before issuance of training license. 
UNM Internal Medicine Residency Program encourages ALL interested candidates to apply.