PharmD Curriculum

Benefit from a structured program that builds your skills in a logical and progressive way during four years of full-time study. Expect to learn from knowledgeable instructors who will help you develop professionalism, integrity and other values, as well as a passion for lifelong learning.

Foundations in Science

Your core curriculum will incorporate the following disciplines:

  • Biomedical science – Focuses on biology and medicine
  • Clinical science – Involves laboratory work and the study of medicine, chemistry, biology and experimental science
  • Pharmaceutical science – Applies chemistry, biology and related fields to the study of drugs
  • Social, behavioral and administrative pharmacy sciences – Explore pharmacy through psychological, economic, historical, legal and other perspectives

Program Competencies

Gain a deep understanding of the newest evidence-based and patient-centered approaches to care. Learn about Doctor of Pharmacy competencies, the required skills you’ll develop during the program.

Interprofessional Simulation Center

Build and reinforce your skills at our Interprofessional Healthcare Simulation Center, practice laboratories where you’ll work with other types of health care professionals.

Pharmacy School Rotations

You’ll also get opportunities to apply your education in real-world settings, thanks to UNM College of Pharmacy’s practice experiences.

PharmD Course Materials

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