No PCAT Required. Dive into the world of pharmacy.

UNM College of Pharmacy

A pharmacy movement beating in the heart of New Mexico.

Historically at the cutting-edge of pharmacy, New Mexico is where elite pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are trained. With unrivaled learning experiences and world-class mentors, The University of New Mexico is the premier destination for quality pharmacy education.

Apply today to learn cutting-edge patient care models, gain countless hours of hands-on experience, and become part of our wide pharmacy professionals network.

Student receives mentorship.


Our world-class faculty in both Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice will provide mentorship and advisement throughout your 4 years of PharmD training and after as alumni of the College. They will guide you as you find your path and destiny in pharmacy. From a journey to a pharmacy residency to a Master’s degree in our PharmD/MS dual degree program to obtaining a great job in hospital or community pharmacy, our faculty will be here to guide you in that journey.

Clinical experiences are just the start for our students.

Advanced Patient Care models

New Mexico has the most progressive pharmacy practice models in the United States and our faculty are constantly pushing the envelope to expand that practice. Work with Pharmacist Clinicians as they treat patients in a variety of clinical settings. Be part of the action as physical exams are performed and lab tests are ordered to provide the best data to manage patients’ medication therapy. Train with other advanced practice pharmacists out in the community as they serve the public health needs of the people of New Mexico through the administration of vaccinations, tobacco cessation prescription medications, hormonal contraception, travel medications, and tuberculin skin tests. 

Students provide services during the 2019 Community Outreach Day.

Values of Service

Come to the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy where the students, faculty, and alumni are committed to giving back to the people of New Mexico through community service. Choose your passion from the wide variety of community service projects offered by the College including health screenings, immunization clinics, poison prevention education, atrial fibrillation screenings, education about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, and many, many more. You can also create your own community service project as students recently have done for fall prevention in the elderly and enhanced diabetes education. Whatever your passion, it can be fulfilled while providing healthcare services and education to the many underserved population of New Mexico.

Worried about out-of-state costs?

We have you covered.

Our out-of-state scholarship could help you offset the additional costs of attending your first year while you establish residency. Unlike other programs, the UNM College of Pharmacy allows you to establish residency for tuition purposes after your first year, allowing you to pay in-state tuition for the remainder of your time in the program.

How does the out-of-state scholarship work?

  • You can potentially receive a $20,000 scholarship for your first year while you are still considered "out-of-state"
  • Within the first 12 months, you establish your residency in New Mexico through overt acts such as
    • Registering a vehicle
    • Receiving a driver's license
    • Registering to vote
    • Receiving full-time employment
    • Leasing a home or apartment in New Mexico
    • Enrolling for utility services in New Mexico
  • After establishing your residency, your tuition status will be updated to reflect in-state costs

Annual tuition and fees

Out-of-state (with scholarship)

$24, 750

In-state (after residency is established)

$21, 970

Out-of-state (without scholarship)

$44, 750

Prospective Student?

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