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MD/PhD Handbook, 2016-2017

Yearly Overview

First 2 Years:
The program begins with Phase I of the UNM School of Medicine curriculum.

Next 3-4 Years:
The student takes graduate courses and completes their PhD dissertation research.

Last 2 Years:
The program ends with Phase II and III of the UNM School of  Medicine curriculum and fulfillment of a teaching requirement.


A total of 48 credits hours plus 18 dissertation hours and good standing throughout the SOM curriculum is required for the MD/PhD degree. The only change from the MD curriculum takes place during the summer of the first academic year. In place of the Practical Immersion Experience (PIE) the MD/PhD students take laboratory research rotations (BIOM 506). In addition to the MD degree curriculum the MD/PhD students are required to take the following courses in the BSGP:

Course Title Credits
BIOM 501 Fundamentals for Graduate Research 1
BIOM 506 Special Topics in Biomedical Research (rotations) 3
BIOM 507 Advanced Molecular Biology 4
BIOM 508 Advanced Cellular Biology 4
BIOM 525 Cell and Molecular Basis of Disease Journal Club (2 semesters, year 1) 4
BIOM 530 Cell and Molecular Basis of Disease Seminar 1
BIOM 555 Problem Based Research Bioethics 1

MD/PhD students must also take 3 credit hours from the courses listed below.

Course Title Credits
BIOM 509 Principles of Neurobiology 3
BIOM 510 Physiology 3
BIOM 514 Immunobiology 3
BIOM 515 Cancer Biology 3
BIOM 516 Molecular Genetics and Genomics 3


To view the program's curricular map as a suggested time line to follow, click here.