Imaging Guidelines

Learn how our process supports your work.

Workstation Imaging

Technology Support uses imaging technology to quickly deploy standard applications and configurations to Standard HSC Dell and Apple workstations.

Our imaging procedure will quickly install a suite of supported software onto your workstation. Due to the Microsoft Campus Agreement that the HSC is under the images will install the most recently approved Windows operating system and the most recently approved Office suite of applications that work with all standard HSC and clinical applications.

Follow This Process

1. Back Up Your Data

If you are having your computer re-imaged or if you are changing from one computer to another computer you will need to back up your data to the network or external device in order to be able to transfer it back to your imaged or new computer. In the case of protected or sensitive information, you must back up the information to network storage to protect the data. In the original configuration of a HSC imaged computer your data will be stored in a limited number of locations. On a standard computer the files you will want to back up are:

My Documents

To save your documents, open my documents and select all of the files and folders, then right mouse click and select Copy. Navigate to your network H: drive you are using for back up, create a folder called documents and open that folder. Next right mouse click in the folder and select Paste. Wait until all of your documents have been copied over.

Internet Explorer Favorite Places

If you have stored a lot of favorite places that you want to keep you can make a back up of this information also. To save your Internet Explorer favorites, open Internet Explorer and click on File, and then Import and Export. This will open the Import/Export Wizard. Select export then click on the favorites checkbox then click Next, specify the path to your H: drive to store the data to a location on your Home drive.


You may also back up the folder that stores the appearance of your desktop. Keep in mind that the icons may loose their link to the program or document they represent if they are not in the same place after they are restored. To save your Desktop open My Computer and your C drive and click on Users. Next open the folder with your username and then copy the folder labeled desktop to another location like your home directory on the H: drive.

If you have changed the location where you store your data at any point while using the computer, or if you use programs that have their own storage you may have data that is outside of the above locations. In this case you would need to run a search of your hard drives to locate all of your data. The search function is available on your start menu. You can search for each file type like *.docx, *.xlsx, *.pdf for word documents, excel documents, pdf documents for example.

2. Create a Service Request in Help.HSC

Use Help.HSC to create a service request. If you need help with any part of these instructions, please contact the Service Point at 272-1694.