Dr. Tassy Parker Discusses CHA from an Indigenous Perspective

January 28, 2015 - Kyle Smith

Our very own Center for Native American Health (CNAH) and IIKD Director, Dr. Tassy Parker had the privilege to discuss the importance of CHAs in tribal communities in an article featured on the January 2015 Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) "Reporter."

Community Health Assessment (CHA) is IIKD's lead initiative. Since 2012, IIKD has facilitated and hosted several Community Health Assessment Workshops (CHAWs) with various tribes in New Mexico, United South & Eastern Tribes, and the Seneca Nation of Indians in New York.

All of the hard work and planning that went into each and every CHAW was very resourceful to our friends/partners/mentees. After each 1-3 day CHAWs were completed, tribes were able to contact IIKD and other partners for technical assistance in completing their CHAs.

Since the completion of our CHAWs, IIKD has received updates from our friends/partners/mentees with great news of completed CHAs. We are extremely proud of ourselves here at IIKD knowing our work has been well received in tribal communities.

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